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The Crimean bridge: the outcomes of the first year

  • 17 мая 2019

The Crimean bridge celebrates its first operating year. What can be said about the results about the first year and what was the 12 months for the most extended bridge in our country?

All about “Chernozem region logistics” forum in 2019

  • 17 мая 2019

Our team will inform you about newest events in the world of logistics and freight. Among the upcoming events, we chose a forum in Voronezh and tell you why it is worth paying attention to

The New Silk Road: up-to-date overview of the project in 2019

  • 16 мая 2019

Big words are heard on every forum dedicated to the New Silk Road. The question arises - will it become a real competitor to the developed system of maritime traffic? What benefits prompts Russia and China to approach each other, strengthening logistics and international relations not only by sea, but also on land?

Learning from the best of the best: a top-list of the biggest ports of the world in 2019

  • 15 мая 2019

At the time of 2019, none of Russia's ports is represented, despite the fact that the growing port capacities of the northern seas show a steady growth in traffic and congestion. In this article, we will analyze the performance of each of the industry leaders based on data from the World Shipping Council on sales, TEU, area and efficiency and area growth.